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  • As a small batch brewery, White River Brewing Company specializes in traditional European beers, particularly styles from Belgium, Great Britain, and Germany, all with an Ozark’s twist. With uncompromising quality, at White River Brewing Company we work hard to make each flavorful sip a special occasion. With every batch, we use the finest ingredients available, individually chosen to add layers and complexity to each on of our brews.
    Our ales and lagers are big. They are designed to appeal to people who live a life strong with adventure and hardened by experience. These beers are for those who have camped out, grilled for breakfast, gripped a paddle, floated on an inner tube, hiked a trail or cycled to your favorite pub. With White River brew, that sense of adventure continues on to your palate and adds strength to your character.
    That’s why we brew strong.
  • The first idea was to call it C-Street Brewing but that never really worked out. C-Street Brewing started as an idea for John “Buz” Hosfield, when one day that idea was launched into reality when he purchased the facility and began renovations in 2007. By mid 2012 with the addition of Dave Lamb, an area-renowned beer expert they were able to put a plan together and that plan became White River Brewing Company. After all, since 1979 quality beer in the Ozarks has been synonymous with Lamb, White River Brewing Company’s brewmaster. August 2012 saw the first test batch of Table Rock Red and January 31, 2013 was the day we shipped out our first keg.
  • European beers are known for their flavor, character, and finish. White River Brewing Company promises to deliver that and more. We approach every single batch with great care, delivering layered flavors and a perfect finish with every sip. Available on draft and in many local retailers, each White River Brewing Company beer is brewed strong and delivers adventure to every occasion.