Coconut Rye Porter

Porter 5.0% ABV

November through February

This American style Porter was brewed with flaked rye, giving it a spicy edge to balance the sweetness imparted by the coconut with notes of chocolate to back it all up. 

Jam Up Blackberry Ale

Blonde Ale 5.5% ABV

 July through October

Traditionally a Belgian Blonde, this Fall Seasonal ale is brewed with Cara Red Malt to give you a full body and a rich malt aroma. Boadicea hops are used which give it a light bodied bitterness that makes it well rounded. The beer itself is not brewed with the blackberry but rather it is infused after the primary fermentation so that none of the blackberry flavors become diminished. Jam Up Blackberry ale is not overwhelmingly sweet yet it does impart a tart, blackberry finish.

Midtown Hefe

Hefeweizen 5.3% ABV 15 IBU

March through June

Midtown Hefe is a traditional weissbier brewed with pilsner and malted wheat. The combination of yeast and apricots give this beer a subtle tartness and a bright apricot flavor to finish.